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The MiKiz App
Our mobile app is a secure way to copy, share and personalize your keys and solve frustrating lockouts.
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    Brass Keys

    Skip the trip to the locksmith. Get a highly accurate copy of your key delivered right to your door.
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    Save a key on our platform, order a copy to your door or preferred address using our App.
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    Easily share a digital copy of your key with friends, family, roommates or renters.

As Simple As Hello ! How it works.

I have a key saved on MiKiz
Already saved a key with us? Great, we'll get you sorted quickly.
If you originally saved your key on the mobile app, simply enter your account information to access the key and order a delivery to your door or preferred address.
I don't have a key saved on Mikiz
You can still get a key cut from scratch using our mobile app.
Even though you haven't saved a key with us, we should still be able to help. If someone else has a copy of your key - your neighbor, your family or friends - they can easily share this key with you using our mobile app.
They will need to download the app, scan the key, then share the key with you via email. If you haven't downloaded the app, you'll need to do so, at which point you can accept the shared key, and order a copy to your door.
Delete Your Data
To remove any of your stored keys, simply use the 'Delete' button found on the key's page.
You can also permanently delete your account through the 'My Account' section within the app.
If you encounter issues while deleting your data, please contact us at We'll assist you in manually removing your information.